What I Learned At Nucleus

What I Learned At Nucleus

Nov 11, 2014

Year 10 student Charlotte Debenham joined us in October 2014 for two days of work experience. Charlotte reflected on her experiences with us and shares her learnings here...

I learnt and experienced so much about the marketing world at Nucleus. The staff explained to me the processes taken to reach a final result and I saw how each person has a different input. I understand the importance of a team and how each person brings a specific component to the team. 

Communication between the client and Nucleus is so important. I saw that the client’s thoughts and ideas are listened to and then altered to create the best marketing options and strategies for their company. The branding of a company or product is really important as it generates the customer’s first impressions and represent what the company it about.

The marketing concepts for a company involve much more than meets the eye. The marketing and branding of a company should reflect their values, ideas and messages. I learnt that the target audience is also extremely important in the branding process, as it gives the project direction and meaning.  I discovered this first hand when I was given my own project to find an idea for client Christmas presents. I loved coming up with idea and presenting to the director as it made me feel part of the team.

Overall I was really impressed by the way Nucleus works and the knowledge they have passed down to me. This experience has confirmed my wish to one work in the marketing area and encouraged me to keep working towards this goal.