Cardboard, Construction and Alice Cooper

Cardboard, Construction and Alice Cooper

May 16, 2012

‘Schoolies’: a yearly tradition when high-school leavers (freshly released from the tyranny of teachers and end of year exams) escape down the coast to spend their days partying and celebrating their new-found freedom. 

A potential recipe for chaos. 

But enter Encounter Youth: a non-profit charity who want to see the Schoolies having their fun, but also getting home safely.

Encounter Youth run the 'Schoolies Festival' to provide an organised event and a safe environment for the droves of school leavers migrating down to Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor. The festival is 3 days of music, dancing, and partying (safely, of course) with all your school mates for one last time before everyone heads their separate ways.

For the past 4 years we have loved working with Encounter Youth on their branding of Schoolies Festival. Their work and their team of volunteers, is honestly an inspiration.

Each year sees the renewed challenge of creating a fresh identity that highlights the atmosphere of the Festival – the beach, the music, the feel-good party and the iconic landscape of Victor Harbor.

Our approach for 2012

In past years we have used digitally-crafted illustrations to create the look of the Festival’s identity. This year we set out to try something a little different...

We wanted to take a step back to the feel of our school arts projects. Our idea for the 2012 branding was to fashion a landscape out of craft materials, like paper, cardboard and cable, to create a tangible scene and photograph its elements as the basis of the identity.

We then channelled further inspiration from a revered artist: Alice Cooper... and the lyrics to his anthem ‘School’s Out’:

School’s out for the summer
School’s out forever
School’s been blown to pieces

Our scene would feature a school book being ‘blown to pieces’ amongst a melting, summery, ice-cream-ic landscape with a few subtle Victor Harbor flavours mixed-in. The tagline of the piece: ‘School’s out forever’.

Our initial sketch for the scene.

Scalpel… scissors… string… UHU

With concept and direction in place, it was time to set about constructing our ‘Schoolies’ landscape.

After designing a lickable, melting script for the logo, we brought it to life with a few sheets of cardboard and some precise handiwork with a scalpel.

The delicately cut Schoolies Festival logo.

We then set about constructing the elements of the scene; assembling cardboard trees, speaker boxes, cones, angular ‘blasts’ and clouds. We created three-dimensional letterforms and patiently moulded cable into cursive script. Needless to say, by construction’s end, if you put a craft-knife and a UHU stick in our hands, we had the finesse and control akin to an open-heart surgeon.

Construction of the elements begins... partnered with a trusty UHU stick.

The scene starting to take shape... but admittedly not its finest angle.

Careful fine-tuning.

Finally we assembled the scene on a table in the back room of Nucleus ready for photography. After a series of test shots, moving, nudging and more fine tuning, we were ready to take the final shot.

Everything just in its right place, ready for the final shot.

The setup of the scene in the Nucleus back room.

The result

With fishing wire removed in Photoshop and a few final touches made, we were pleased and quietly proud with the result (…if for nothing else than to take a rest from getting mildly intoxicated on the fumes of strong adhesive), but more importantly… the client was stoked.

Schoolies Festival 2012 - PosterThe finished Schoolies Festival 2012 Poster.