Chalking up another one

Chalking up
another one

Sep 4, 2013

During last year's Christmas break; we took advantage of the down-time to cover the wall of our front room with floor-to-ceiling blackboard paint. At the time we had grandiose dreams of putting up new chalk designs each month to bring a freshness to our meeting room and studio entryway. But these initial dreams met with the reality of studio life, and actual workloads, leaving our first foray into chalkboard design staying in place for the first half of the year.

We did, however, finally get around to freshening it up this last month and for our inspiration we chose a quote from author/journalist Arthur Koestler: "Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality".

Chalk design in progressThe design in progress. Six sticks of chalks gave their life for this.

The finished article is pictured below. Feel free to drop into the studio for a coffee sometime and check it out in all its larger-than-life glory.

Finished chalk designThe finished design.