KPM Streetfighter: Behind the Scenes

KPM Streetfighter: Behind the Scenes

Oct 17, 2013

A magician is never meant to reveal their secrets. But sometimes they go and put on a weird looking mask and spill the beans on national television. So with that precedent in mind, we thought we’d post some of the secrets behind the 'magic' that went into our latest visuals for KPM Motorsport's Streetfighter upgrades.

Last month we had the pleasure of Art Directing a photoshoot of high-performance Aussie vehicles for KPM Motorsport. While these vehicles are always an awe-inspiring sight to behold in person; from behind a camera lens, they're notoriously difficult to photograph and capture that same essence. Their highly polished surfaces need to be catered for and managed just right to avoid any distracting reflections from the surrounding environment showing in the photo.

So how do you make a car look perfectly positioned, lit and polished while at the same time situated in a dirty, gritty laneway? Enter some amazing photographers from SlingShot Studios, and our own creative team – who have harnessed more than a few Photoshopping skills from replacing fellow staff member's faces on animals bodies and other such internal-office frivolity.

Rather than trying to shoot the whole scene on-location and having to cosmically align the timing of suitable weather, lighting and lack of curious passers-by – we had the guys from SlingShot photograph the vehicles and the laneway separately. The cars were photographed in a large warehouse, come make-shift studio – the only place to keep them and the equipment safe and out of the weather. Steve and Dan from SlingShot did a tremendous job of shooting all the multiple vehicles and required angles to allow us to match up the angle and perspective of the previously photographed laneways.

It was then over to us to effect them into our gritty, rugged and high-impact Streetfighter style. Pictured below we have shown the cars as photographed and the bit of magic we put into each respective finished product.

Clicking on each photo will toggle between the original and the finished product. 
All original photography by SlingShot Studios.

2013 HSV Clubsport R8 (Click image to toggle).

2013 FPV GT Coyote (Click image to toggle).

Holden VF SS Commodore (Click image to toggle).