Our Winning Oz-Day Ad for Vale Brewing

Our Winning Oz-Day Ad for Vale Brewing

Feb 20, 2017

We were very excited in the lead up to 26 January 2017, and not just because the weather was shaping up nicely and most of us had plans to spend the public holiday on the beach. We were extra excited because we were in the running for News Corp’s Australia Day creative competition.

The Brief

The Advertiser put out the call for South Australian agencies to create a full-page ad for one of their clients that captured the spirit of Australia Day.

The Client

We decided that Vale Brewing’s connection to one of SA’s most iconic regions made them a perfect candidate.

The Approach

We spent some time thinking about how to best tackle the brief, and brainstormed icons, symbols, phrases and feelings associated with Australia. We then put our heads together to see how we could best connect those ideas with Vale's product and brand positioning.

Concept 1: "Girt"

Vale Brewing - Australia Day Advertiser Concept 1

Australia’s national anthem sometimes cops grief for being a bit archaic in its language. A prime example is the word ‘girt’ having firmly fallen out of use after the late 1600’s. We thought we’d have a play with the line and throw a Vale Ale into the mix, having it girt, as it would be, by hand.

Concept 2: "The Sun Smart Slab"

Vale Brewing - Australia Day Advertiser Concept 1

For a lot of people, Australia Day is traditionally spent on the beach, so the old sun-safe adage of ‘slip, slop, slap’ is on a lot of minds. We cheekily appended the iconic sun safety alliteration with one more word: ‘slab’, of course Aussie slang for carton of beer. The carton is then symbolic of a big group of people getting together and having a good time.

Concept 3: "Diversity"

Vale Brewing - Australia Day Advertiser Concept 1

We decided to put our toe into the political ocean by showing off some of the different colours and shapes of the Vale range. By mixing in some Aussie vernacular, we were able to draw parallels between the product and the diversity of the Australian people.

The Result

News Corp deemed our 'Slip, Slop, Slap, Slab' concept to be the best of all entries, and published a full-page version in the special Australia Day edition of the Advertiser! This led to a whole heap of exposure at no cost at all to a delighted client.

Unsurprisingly, we were all pretty chuffed here as well, so cheers to all involved!

Vale Brewing - Australia Day Advertiser Concept 1Our winning ad in the Australia Day edition of The Advertiser.