'Taking heart' for a good cause

'Taking heart' for a good cause

Mar 18, 2013

2 bachelors, 6 bands, 14 prizes, 30 volunteers, 800 attendees, and $7000 raised... all in just 2 weeks! We opened our hearts here at Nucleus recently to help organise a fundraiser for the Queensland Floods Appeal run by the Australian Red Cross. Our team members supported any way they could: naming the event, designing the logo and collateral, producing a community service announcement for Channel 7 and devising social media strategies.

Brainstorming An Identity For A Pop-Up Event

Developing an identity for a fundraiser with a two-week deadline can be a tricky task—particularly as we also needed to build awareness around our ‘pop-up’ brand in this tight timeframe.

The Nucleus team started thinking about how we could best communicate the event, the cause and our call to action. Due to our fast approaching deadline, we really had to think strategically. We required the development of an identity that would do all these things... and quickly.

With this in mind, we decided that the name needed to both reference the cause and the call to action simultaneously. If we could achieve this, it would mean that we could hinge our awareness campaign on a name and identity that would communicate everything we needed.

After much brainstorming, we decided to name the event ‘Take Heart QLD’. This worked to our own brief in that it not only inferred that the QLD flood victims should ‘take heart’ – take courage and comfort in the fact that we are raising money to help them rebuild their homes and their lives – but it also asks South Australians to ‘take heart’ – support the flood victims, give their time, donate and support the cause.

With the name decided, we then needed to develop a logo and identity that was approachable, evoke a sense of excitement as well as establish a strong visual style that would attract support from corporate sponsors and local businesses.

Take Heart QLD logoThe Take Heart QLD logo.

We developed a strong word-mark in a bold script that cohesively worked with the Queensland initials Q.L.D. The overall look was youthful, fresh, inviting and a little bit ‘cool’.

This would work across both our target markets and was a great visual and meaningful foundation for the beginning of our awareness campaign. Our creative team then went on to develop a series of collateral to help promote the event from posters for display in the venue through to tshirts, invitations and a television commercial to further promote the fundraiser.

Branded volunteer t-shirts and promotional posters that were pasted up around The Depot venue.

Building Community Around The Identity

Building recognition around a new identity can be a challenge, especially with a very tight deadline. The key strategy in this instance was to leverage any existing awareness in the wider community.

The Queensland Floods Appeal run by the Australian Red Cross is a well-known cause. Our initial press release focused on the Appeal, why people should support the cause, as well as how and where we will be fundraising. The second press release that was sent out a week later detailed activities at the event, profiled the performers and showcased the venue.

Securing a new Fringe venue, The Depot, particularly at the beginning of the Adelaide Fringe Festival season was a great win for our event. Leveraging from the ‘buzz’ generated around the venue itself, we used The Depot’s Facebook Page to host information about the fundraiser. We also set up an Everyday Hero Page allocated to Take Heart QLD by the Australian Red Cross, to establish an online donation avenue and build trust in our market.

On Twitter and Instagram, we encouraged people in the lead up, and at the event, to use the #takeheartqld. This was later archived using Storify.

By leveraging our existing networks, we were able to build a strong community of ambassadors for the Take Heart QLD fundraiser who then took it upon themselves to promote the event to their networks, extending our overall reach and building greater awareness.

The Take Heart QLD event. Event photography courtesy of Helen Page.

Raising $7000 for the cause, the night was a great success. With over 800 attendees and 30 volunteers, the event would not have been possible without the time and support of our local community and social networks. It was only two weeks from event conception to execution, so we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved and thank all those who supported and attended the event for ‘taking heart for QLD’.

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