The truth is out there

The truth is out there

Mar 14, 2010

One of the most valuable assets any business or individual may possess is their network of contacts, or as we in the marketing world like to call it, their database. In essence it has more value than gold. It generates work, referrals, income and if nurtured correctly, goodwill.

So it's no wonder that companies go to greats lengths to protect their database and grow it. In fact, I've been employed by companies that have bought other businesses and hired new employees for the sole purpose of adding their network of contacts to the existing company database. Over time, if developed and nurtured correctly, your database will become a saleable commodity.

The question is however, in our busy schedules, how do we keep our databases active, healthy and current?

We are happy to report that the truth is out there...

There are a new breed of bulk email delivery applications that boast a comprehensive range of analytical tools designed to give you accurate information about exactly what your database is doing. When integrated into a well run email campaign, these applications can tell you exactly who opened your email, what links they clicked on, if they went to your website and what they did when they got there.

This information is priceless. It can tell you who is most active, what their interests are, whether or not they need to be personally contacted and who you should be removing.

Nucleus Campaign Manager reporting Email campaign reporting in Nucleus Campaign Manager

The facts do not lie

As a result of well run email campaigns we have seen our clients modify their activities to better utilise, service and grow their database. This is due to the accuracy of the information produced enabling them to make informed business decisions.

At Nucleus, we use and promote Nucleus Campaign Manager and have seen it produce tangible results for our clients. If you would like more information about the email campaigns we run and how they can help you and your business, please get in touch with us.