Be available, not complicated

Be available, not complicated

Oct 20, 2009

In the age of global markets and economies, connectivity has never been so important. Technology is racing ahead and the internet, teamed with mobile and wireless connections, means that there are endless options for people to reach you, however when they call you, can they find you? Are you accessible?

You would think that in tough economic times, people would be happy to get all the business they can. The other day I rang a contractor to arrange repairs for equipment at home. Both listed numbers went directly to voicemail and I’m still awaiting a return phone call. Needless to say, he won’t have my business when he calls back… if he ever calls back.

The key to being accessible is to develop a code of communication, that is, for as many numbers as you have, have a plan of response. In other words, when you receive a call, answer it after so many rings and if you accept messages, commit to return them promptly. There is no point in having several phone numbers, fax, email, mobile, facebook, twitter and website communication tools and yet never monitor them or follow through the enquiries and customer communications you receive.
Your clients deserve the courtesy of a response. It is important to ensure that accessibility remains a priority for your business because people will always be the backbone of your success. It is too easy for people to look elsewhere for a solution, so get in quick or risk losing current or prospective business, and worst of all, being the catalyst for bad word of mouth.

And finally… smile! People will hear it in your voice!