Ideas to bank on

Ideas to bank on

Mar 18, 2013

Have you ever considered that perhaps that ‘big idea’ that will change your business for the better or set you apart from your competitors could come from the frontline rather than the big corporate office upstairs?

Ideasbank is designed to unlock innovation

In conjuction with SA Power Networks (formerly ETSA Utilities), Nucleus developed an ideas harvesting tool called Ideasbank. The system encourages idea generation and problem solving across a business or professional network and aims to enhance communications between all team members.

The power of Ideasbank is that it gives every employee in an organisation a platform to share their ideas, problem solve and support and build on the contributions of their peers. What's more, the system ensures that every idea will be heard and reviewed by management.

The results observed have been quite amazing:

  • Employees actually want to share ideas, and many will do so out of work hours. Ideasbank is a professional social networking system that is available 24/7 from any computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Combined with an innovation program, the Ideasbank system provides staff a better sense of recognition and greater connection to the company vision.
  • The database created by the Ideasbank system becomes a working resource of ideas, problem solving and innovation, valuable for future business development.
  • Users are able to offer tangible solutions to the problems identified within an organisation meaning work processes are streamlined and productivity is increased.
  • Key innovators (employees) within an organisation are identified.
  • Significant cost savings are achieved through the development of new products, systems and procedures.

Our key observation from organisations that have implemented this system, is that it can be the catalyst for positive cultural change. Staff feel more engaged and appreciated because Ideasbank allows them a platform to share their ideas and actually witness their consideration and their review process. It encourages participation and makes staff feel involved in the business and the decision-making processes.

We have also seen the power of Ideasbank leveraged through linking systems for cross-organisational ideas-sharing.

Three of Australia's electricity infrastructure providers, SA Power Networks, PowerCor and CitiPower, have linked their Ideasbank systems and shared their idea databases. This effectively taps into the thought power of over 6,000 employees.

Ideasbank article'Electricity firms buzzing with ideas' in The Advertiser, Tuesday March 26, 2013, SA Business Journal, page 7.

The three power utilities have already begun to facilitate this collaboration, building on ideas contributed across state borders. It will be exciting to see the ideas generated and executed from this system link in the future.

Read more about this collaboration in our article on AdelaideNow.

To find out more about Ideasbank and how it can help your business with innovation, please contact:

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