Less players... more room to move

Less players... more room to move

May 13, 2009

In these challenging economic times it is sad to see people going out of business. No one likes to see the hard work of another person come to nothing, however, we're seeing it more and more every day.

For those that remain it's like having the entire forward 50 without any defence in the way... it's a lot easier to get to the goal. Or perhaps consider an art exhibition... with less pieces of art on the walls yours are more likely to be seen.

The point I'm making is that as these current unfortunate outcomes undo someone who may be in opposition to you, it provides you with an opportunity to be more easily noticed by your audience. This would then turn down times into an up situation. Times like these are the perfect opportunity for those with strength to spread out and take more ground in the market.

The needs of your customers won't go away... which means they will still be looking. A strategic marketing campaign, whether it be via television, print or the web stands to be a very effective way to gain market share... and the next 12 months could be the best time to take these steps. I'm no economics expert, but I think it stands to reason. It's all about making the most and the best of whatever is happening around you.