Making your business mobile

Making your business mobile

Feb 14, 2010

Estimates suggest that Apple's App Store is turning over $200 million per month in selling iPhone Applications.  In addition to this, smart phone apps have only become the rage in the last couple of years.  It would appear there are a lot of people looking into how they can take advantage of these emerging technologies...putting themselves in the hands of other people.

There have been those who have referred to current trends of their day as passing fads.  I would think though that any trend that is creating this amount of interest is well worth investigating to see how your organisation or business can benefit from being 'hand held', so to speak.

For some time now people have used their mobile for more than making a phone call.  With the advent of smart phone apps they are paying bills while enjoying a coffee... they're playing addictive games... they're researching and making purchasing decisions wherever they have down time.  It is a new day of product placement and advertising acumen.

My point is simply this... however you are currently marketing your business or communicating with people who are yet to hear about your outstanding product, there is always going to be some new method to consider.  Whether or not an iPhone App is for you right now, I would encourage a courageous outlook into how you diversify your marketing strategy in the midst of new technology.

It's worth thinking about.  It's worth talking about.  We're happy to spend some time considering the possibilities with you.