Marketing Week Recap

Marketing Week Recap

Aug 21, 2013

We spent most of last week at the Adelaide Festival Centre, soaking up the very latest in trends across the marketing, advertising and communication sector at the annual Marketing Week conference in Adelaide, South Australia. Here's three things we found out...

Focus and deepen engagement with 'your community'

'Your community' in this context is a term used to describe users who engage with your brand online, directly or indirectly. 'Your community' could be of any size: small, medium or large. Believe it or not, the size is not of key significance. What's more important is how you deepen engagement with the community you have. Focus on providing incentive for them to interact with you: share valuable (perhaps unique) content. Don't forget that users are people too! You'd be amazed what happens when you take the online engagement offline, for example by organising events for your community. This could be as simple as inviting them to special events already existing in your marketing calendar. Laura Nestler from review site Yelp illustrated this model clearly when talking about her experiences as a community manager at Yelp.

Laziness leads to emotion-based decision-making

As human beings, we can be quite lazy when it comes to decision-making. We like to take shortcuts. It takes less effort for us to make judgements based on our intuition: on an emotional level. It's also quicker. In the context of a product purchase, if the product doesn't cost us much, we'll likely make the decision to purchase based on our gut feel and desire more so than logic. But sometimes, our gut feeling isn't enough. If the product purchase will cost us more, we'll likely employ logic and reasoning to see our way through. The drawback: more effort is required on our part to process the information slowly. Both consumer psychologist Adam Ferrier (Naked Communications) and market researcher Ken Roberts (Forethought Research) explained this in much greater detail. It's worth combing through some of the tweets from the conference for further insights.

Get up to speed on legalese

Changes to the Privacy Act will become law as of 12 March 2014. Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA, briefly touched on these changes. These changes will affect all marketers who use tools that leverage data from consumers, like CRMs, social media and big data. The major change to take note of here is that even if you collect anonymous data - i.e. you remove identifying details (e.g. names) - you must now obtain consent from the user, as the Privacy Act will apply. To get up to speed, register here for one of ADMA's Spotlight on Privacy webinars or chat to a legal specialist.

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Marketing Week is the largest marketing/advertising/communications conference in Australia. Representatives from other peak professional bodies in the sector work together to put on this one-of-a-kind event, spearheaded by the Australian Marketing Institute. Associations include: Australian Data-Driven Marketing Association (ADMA), Government of South Australia, Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA), Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association (APSMA), Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), the Communications Council, TAFE SA, Adelaide Media Club (AMC), Festivals Adelaide, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University and the Adelaide Advertising and Design Club (AADC).