'Responsive' logos: a new best practice in branding

By Nucleus
All Blog Posts 3 years ago

The concept ‘responsive logos’ may be new to you, but it is quickly becoming an essential consideration to ensure the integrity of your logo is maintained, in any context.

Although popularity of responsive logos in brand development is more prevalent in recent times due to our changing online behaviours, the concept is not actually new. If you own or manage a brand, you will likely have multiple logo files and variants for different applications. In many ways, this type of consideration is the premise for our new world ‘responsive’ logo methodology.

What is a responsive logo? 

‘Responsive’ is a term most commonly used to describe how a website automatically adjusts to fit multiple screen sizes. In recent years, this term has also been assigned to ‘logos’; specifically in relation to digital brand applications. 

Check this link for some great examples of well known brands that demonstrate the concept.

Why is it important?

Assuring your logo is both legible and representative of your company or organisation in any context is important to assure brand consistency and ongoing brand recognition. Nowadays, we engage with brands online more than any other point in history, so assuring your business or organisation is identifiable across every digital touchpoint is important.

For example, think about your organisation's social profile images and how small your logo needs to be in these contexts? Is it legible? Is it recognisable? Could it be refined to better represent your brand?

Do I need a responsive logo?

Every business is different, and every brand is different, therefore the requirement for a responsive logo is very much unique to the needs of each your business context. 

If you have an existing brand, a good starting point is to review how your logo is presented across your digital assets, such as your website, web applications and social profiles, and then consider:

  1. Is the logo legible in each application? 
    For example, are there elements that are difficult to read.

  2. Is it an appropriate representation of your brand?
    Consider if the presentation is visually consistent with the rest of your brand applications.

If you answer ‘no’ to either of the above, a refinement of how your logo is applied in different contexts may be worth considering. This does not necessarily mean a complete overhaul of your logo or brand, but rather closer review of your brand application guidelines and the development of unique logo assets for specific contexts.

If you would like our team to take a closer look at your brand or help you refine your logo assets to improve your brand consistency and recognition, give us a call on 08 7200 6040 or get in touch via our contact form.