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APC Technology
Brand and Website Redevelopment

APC Technology (APC) are an end-to-end customised technology solutions provider who approached Nucleus to help redefine their brand, tell their story and redevelop their website.

To assist APC achieve their goal of building the company’s profile and driving sustained growth (year on year), we began by clarifying APC’s brand positioning and messaging.

APC wanted to leverage ideas associated with ‘innovation’ to ensure this was at the forefront of their brand. In addition, APC had significantly diversified their service offering, so we assisted in developing a coherent brand story which we reflected through further refinement of their logo, identity and collateral to ensure that all of their materials aligned to their prioritised business needs.

Once the brand story and key messaging were defined, we worked on the development of a new APC website to become the primary tool to inform, engage and showcase their full range of services and capabilities across a wide range of industries.

With an increase in profile and awareness of APC’s purpose, it had become more important to ensure that the organisation’s online assets were operating effectively, supporting sales teams and lead generation activities, as well as playing a key role in their marketing and engagement strategies.

Utilising the brand language we established, we were able to develop an engaging interface aligned to a logical and meaningful content hierarchy that supported the objectives of their primary users – this helped support user friendly navigation.

In conclusion, Nucleus were able to work with APC to generate a greater sense of energy, excitement and purpose for their brand and digital communications so that they now more accurately represent the personality, service offering and unique approach of the APC Technology team.

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