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BAE Systems
Trusted Autonomy Video Series

The collaboration between humans and machines is happening all around us in our everyday lives, from wearable technologies like smart watches, to credit card fraud detection networks. We trust that these systems work, interacting and responding when we need to. This human-machine collaboration is called, "Trusted Autonomy."

BAE Systems approached Nucleus to create a video series to educate the industry, government and the community about the significant employment opportunities that the development of Trusted Autonomy Solutions will means for South Australia and more broadly Australia.

To communicate this vision, we set out to create a visual language combining humans and technology into a seamless image. 

To learn more about Trusted Autonomy, have a look at the video overview opposite. This is one of the series of videos on Trusted Autonomy that our team have created together with BAE Systems. You can view the rest of the video series on the BAE Systems Australia YouTube channel.

If you would like our team at Nucleus to help you tell your story through video, please click here to contact us or give our office a call on 08 7200 6040.

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